Advantages and Benefits of Salt Water Pools

The benefits of saltwater pools are substantial. So much so that over 70% of new pools have adopted salt chlorine generator systems since 2007. It's clear how much pool owners prefer it. The advantages of saltwater pools fall into three categories: Cost Savings, Reduced Maintenance, and Enhanced Swimming Experience. Let's take a closer look at the available benefits of a saltwater pool, category-by-category.

Cost Savings

Not surprisingly, Cost Savings is probably the most favored benefit of a saltwater pool. At first glance, the initial investment for a salt chlorine generator, salt, and installation may seem high. Despite the initial cost, owning and operating a saltwater pool is much cheaper than having a traditional chlorinated pool: simply compare the equivalent amount of chlorine you would have to otherwise purchase. A typical salt chlorine generator can produce the equivalent of many, many hundreds of pounds of trichlor tablets. The savings even grow when you factor in the future replacement of the system’s salt cell, since these provide just as much chlorination, usually at about half the initial cost of the system. Over their lifespan, the common industry estimate is that the benefit of a salt pool system is that it can save as much as 50% or more over traditional chlorination.1

Although there is an upfront cost for the system, and a future cost involved in replacing salt cells, it is still significantly more economical in the long run. Compared to traditional pools, salt water pool benefits are significant, in not only eliminating the need to regularly buy and add chlorine, but also in reduced maintenance.

1 = Comparison based on the cost as of May 2022 of the equivalent amount of chlorine tablets that would have to be purchased compared to the estimated amount chlorine generation provided over the lifespan of a salt chlorine generator.
Despite the initial cost, owning and operating a saltwater pool is much cheaper than having a traditional chlorinated pool.

Reduced Pool Maintenance

A saltwater chlorine generator consistently produces a regulated amount of chlorine inline with your pool system - this is created from a very low level of salt in your pool water. This eliminates the need for constant chlorine level testing and manually adding chlorine. Once you select your chlorinator's output level, it maintains a stable, automatic, and constant addition of chlorine. A benefit of a salt water pool is that you can avoid struggling with the fluctuations in your chlorine level that usually go along with periodically adding chlorine manually (since this is not often done perfectly). Instead, the typical maintenance of the salt system is setting its output level, and then one or more times a year, you will need to clean your salt cell (which takes about 10-15 minutes). Like any pool, you must still monitor other chemical levels like pH, stabilizer, and phosphates in your swimming pool.

Enhanced Swimming Experience

Many pool owners who have transitioned to saltwater chlorination experience the absence of irritating chemical byproducts. Saltwater pool benefits include saying goodbye to itchy skin. Red, irritated eyes become a thing of the past. Saltwater pools offer a silky water texture that is safe and hygienic.

Your family's expensive new swimsuits won't fade or discolor like they will in a traditional, chlorinated pool. In addition, that strong chlorine smell will be only a distant memory. This is because the salt chlorine generator eliminates chloramines, the byproducts of conventional chlorination which cause these harsh effects

Finally, for those concerned about a “saltwater” taste, it's not an issue. At an average level of 3,500 parts per million (ppm) saltwater pools have only about 10% of the ocean's salt level (35,000 ppm). The pool is just slightly above what is called freshwater (<1,000 ppm). At that level of salinity, the majority of swimmers can’t even taste any salt (the tongue typically only tastes salt down to 4,500 ppm). Instead, the pool’s low salinity is safe for equipment and surfaces and helps to produce a “soft” water effect.

Once we take everything into account, we can state the benefits of saltwater and advantages of salt water pools quite simply. Saltwater pools offer significant savings of not only time but of money too. Simultaneously, saltwater pools can enhance the overall enjoyment and experience of using the pool.

Once you select your chlorinator's output level, it maintains a stable, automatic, and constant addition of chlorine.

Saltwater pools are cheaper to maintain than traditional chlorinated pools, and they offer a more enjoyable swimming experience. Saltwater pools are gentler on your skin and eyes, and they don't have the strong chlorine smell. The upfront cost of a saltwater pool system is higher, but it pays for itself over time.


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