CircuPool® Bypass Cell for RJ-PLUS and UL-Series Salt Systems

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This bypass cell (pass-through cell) is a dummy part or blank spacer that allows water flow from the pool pump to continue when the actual Electrolytic Salt Cell has been removed from the plumbing. This is often used during Cell cleaning, chemical maintenance, pool start-up, cold-weather operation / winterizing, pool repairs, and more. Fits CircuPool® RJ+Series models (3rd generation), Universal-Series and Si-Series models. Also fits Hayward® Goldline® AquaRite®, SwimPure Plus®, AquaTrol®, Aqua Rite Pro®, Aqua Logic®, and more.*

NOT COMPATIBLE with other CircuPool models if not listed above.

*CircuPool products are not made by, or affiliated with, Hayward Industries.

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