CircuPool® CIR-GEN15 Aftermarket Replacement Cell fits Hayward® AquaRite® 40,000 Gal. Models

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Aftermarket replacement cell guaranteed to work with Hayward® 40,000 gallon salt chlorine generators. Please note: this item is not manufactured, endorsed, or sold by Hayward. See below for more information.
Power: 1.45 lbs/day
Capacity: 40000 gal. (max)
Warranty: 3 Years Limited*
Lifespan: 10000 hours
Part Number: CIR-GEN15-RC
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This salt cell is a powerful, long-lifespan, aftermarket replacement cell which is a compatible alternative for Hayward® Aqua Rite® salt cells marked for 40,000 max gallons. Don't get settle for less: other aftermarket replacements can have as little as 25% of the lifespan*! Choose CircuPool for a high-performance, affordable cell replacement backed with industry-leading support and customer service.

The CircuPool CIR-GEN15 replacement cell helps your salt chlorinator generate free chlorine and evenly distribute it throughout your swimming pool. This helps to prevent dry skin and eye irritation while providing big pool maintenance savings!

Plug-and-play connections, compatibility guaranteed, comes with 15' Cord. A easy drop-in replacement for original salt cells for 40k gallon size systems with labels such as the Hayward® / Goldline® AquaRite®, AquaRite Pro®, AquaLogic®, Pro Logic®, SwimPure Plus®, Mineral Springs®, NatureSoft®, SplashCLEAR®, AquaPlus®, Leveredge Guardian® systems and more for OEM cells such as T-CELL-15, W3T-CELL-15, T-CELL-940, GLX-CELL-15, GLX-CELL-15-W.*  

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*Please note the CircuPool GEN15 Cell is not manufactured, endorsed, or sold by Hayward. Neither CircuPool nor the GEN15 cell is affiliated with Hayward; the use of manufacturer names, product names, part numbers, or such trademarks herein are included for compatibility designations and informational purposes only.

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