CircuPool® CORE Adapter Kit - for existing Hayward® Salt Cell Plumbing

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Type: Directly mates up to existing fittings of popular models
Part Number: CORE-ADAPT
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CircuPool CORE-Series Adapter Kit. Allows easy installation and conversion from Hayward®/Goldline® salt systems such as AquaRite®, AquaRite Pro®, AquaLogic®, Blue Essence®, Pro Logic®, SwimPure Plus®, Mineral Springs®, NatureSoft®, SplashCLEAR®, AquaPlus®, Leveredge Guardian® systems and more.* Installation kit includes threaded PVC fittings and threaded collars for quick assembly. Assembled CORE-Series with Adapter Kit is exact length and threading as Hayward salt cells, for a fast trouble-free switch. (Electrolytic Cell not included)

*CircuPool products are not made by, or affiliated with, Hayward Industries.

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