CircuPool® INDIGO3-XL Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools

CircuPool® INDIGO3-XL Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools
INDIGO3 Pool Ozone Generator with complete plumbing manifold

CircuPool® INDIGO3-XL Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools

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Why add Ozone? The INDIGO3-XL quickly purifies chlorine-resistant contaminents, provides high-definition water clarity, & extends salt cell lifespan!


55x More Powerful than Chlorine


Heavy-Duty Sanitation - Maximum 60000 gallons or heavy-use residential pools


3 Years Limited*


20000 hours


Advanced VUV Venturi Ozone System

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Part Number:IO3-XL

Using ozone to purify a swimming pool is incredibly effective when used with salt chlorination. CircuPool INDIGO3 ozone generators make it easy to have the safest, clearest, purest pool water possible. Reduce harmful chemicals by 60% - 90% while killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, & mold (even dangerous Cryptosporidium). The INDIGO3 ozone generator is built to last with all-aluminum construction and long-lifespan VUV bulbs. Even better, its a snap to install and setup - simply plug it in to a timer and connect it to your plumbing with its quick-clamp connections.

The INDIGO3-XL ozone generator is meant to provide sanitation levels appropriate for heavy-use residential swimming pools, or a maximum of 60,000 gallons. Not sure what size you need? Choosing to have more than enough capacity is usually a better value and reduces required run times, extends ozone generator bulb lifespan, and increases your maximum sanitation power so you can easily deal with potential pool problems.

INDIGO3 Ozone Generators allow you to:

  • Get the most complete spectrum of pool sanitation
    • Ozone quickly destroys dangerous organisms and pathogens, including many contaminants that are chlorine-resistant.
  • Get high-definition, crystal-clear water
    • Ozone acts as a flocculent that binds together the microparticles responsible for poor water clarity so that your existing filter can finally remove them.
  • Greatly extend the lifespan of your salt cell
    • Salt chlorination is a must in order to maintain protective residual sanitation in the pool, and ozone dramatically reduces your salt cell's workload.
  • Enhance the purity of your water
    • Ozone works together with your salt system to create an even more effective sanitizer (Hydroxls) - similar to technology used to make purified bottled water!

Note: Ball valve and Venturi flow chamber color may vary.

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5 Stars
Made me a believer
My wife wanted me to upgrade the pool with a ozone system, but I didn't really see why after we had put in a salt system a few years ago and that had made thing just fine. Having run it for a couple months I'm a believer now. Even after getting a lot of rain the pool never got cloudy or needed any shock. I can see a big difference in the water too - especially at night when I have the lights on its clear as a bell.
Reviewed by:  from Ft Lauderdale. on 9/20/2018
5 Stars
works great!
I bought this ozone generator to enhance my circupool chlorine generator. So far i haven't had to run my chlorine generator as much, and my pool is crystal clear.
Reviewed by:  from miami, fl. on 3/29/2019
5 Stars
Its made a HUGE difference
We have a LOT of kids in our pool and adding this has made sure our pool system can keep up with them! In fact, my RJ45 salt system is ONLY RUNNING ON 30% since we installed this (less than half of what it need before). And its made very clear, clean water and I'm happy! Not to mention how easy it was to install.
Reviewed by:  from Athens, GA. on 4/16/2019
4 Stars
Appears to work fine. Salt cell at 50% and chlorine levels good. Instructions should be put on-line with dimensions, because fitting the PVC assembly in an existing supply line can be a challenge. I had to cut the plug on the end in order to wire the unit to my main pump relay so that it turns on only when the primary pump runs.
Reviewed by:  from GARLAND. on 5/28/2019
5 Stars
I bought this unit and installed it about a moth ago, and it has been amazing! My pool has never looked more beautiful than it does now. The water absolutely sparkles in the sunlight like never before. It's funny, but my pool guy who did the installation told me he never understood why people would install an ozone generator. He's just a typical pool guy who believes in only one thing: CHLORINE. Well.... I've cut way back on the chlorine and have loved my ozone generator. Not only is my pool beautiful, but when I swim I could swear I was swimming in fresh water. No salt taste, no chlorine smell or burn. I'm glad I bought one during the half-price promotion. It has been worth every penny. BTW, I don't work for CircuPool, but I fully endorse their products. I also have their chlorine generator, which is still going strong after 5 years. I used to have to replace my Jandy chlorine cell every one to two years ($$$$$$$$$$). Also, these guys are always available to talk to you on the phone if you have questions. No Indian or Filipino accents here; just a nice Texan accent.
Reviewed by:  from Spring. on 6/17/2019

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