CircuPool® RJ-30 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator

CircuPool® RJ-30 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator
CircuPool® RJ-30 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator

CircuPool® RJ-30 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator

RJ-PLUS models are advanced saltwater chlorinators with Extended-Lifespan Titanium Cells.


1.5 lbs/day


30000 gal. (max) - 25000 gal. 20000 gal.


7 Years Limited*


15000 hours


Digital Controls with OLED Screen and Touch Keypad

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Part Number:RJ30N

Pool owners love CircuPool RJ-PLUS Series salt systems, the #1 favorite to keep your swimming pool crystal clear without the hassle or expense of buying chlorine. The CircuPool RJ-30 PLUS uses advanced Extended-Lifespan Titanium cells to effortlessly and automatically maintain sparkling blue water for a luxurious swimming experience.

The new 3rd-generation RJ-30 PLUS features advanced modern design, heavy-duty construction, OLED digital controls & display, and premium clear cell. Best of all, the RJ-30 PLUS Extened-Lifespan Cell has up to 50% longer lifespan than other brands, and is backed with award-winning customer service and the best-in-industry warranty.

The RJ-PLUS Series will replace Hayward Aqua Rite systems without cutting or gluing, making it a snap to upgrade your salt pool system!

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  User Manual
4 Stars
RJ Chlorinator
So far so good. Installed on my own, would have like more directions or a dvd to watch. Easy over all just needed basic tools. Chlorine staying 2-3ppm pretty consistently
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Gulfport, MS. on 2/18/2017
5 Stars
5 stars
As of this writing, the RJ30 Plus gets five stars. We fought with our maintenance guy weekly, because the pool NEVER looked good. We would pay him to come out, pay for all the chemicals, and all for nothing. After using this for about 5 months, my pool has looked like something from a postacard every day and the kids love it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from new braunfels, tx. on 8/2/2017
5 Stars
more powerful
Replaced my not so old Pentair without much work, and I can literally see the chlorine pouring out of the cell when it runs. Only took a day or two and the pool is back up and running.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Sardis, MS. on 3/5/2017
5 Stars
running well
Cleared pool up prior to using it, and its the last time I've added chlorine. I like seeing it work through the cell, I brought my kids over to watch it the first time I turned it on. They weren't impressed but they like swimming in the pool even more.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Rocklin, CA. on 6/19/2016
5 Stars
Replaced Haywood system after friend's recommendation. Took maybe 15 minutes? Seems like a big improvement. Like the screen and the clear salt cell.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from South Bend, IN. on 6/23/2016

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