CircuPool® Replacement cell for Hayward Aqua-rite Turbo T-Cell-3 (T-3)

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High performance replacement for any T-Cell-3 or GLX-Cell-3, guaranteed compatibility.
Power: 0.6 lbs/day
Capacity: 15000 gal. (max)
Warranty: 3 Years Limited*
Lifespan: 10000 hours
In Stock.
Part Number: CIR-T3-RC
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This salt cell is a powerful, long-lifespan, direct replacement for Hayward Aqua Rite T3 Turbo Cell. Don't get settle for less: other T-CELL-3 replacements have less than 25% of the lifespan*! Choose CircuPool® for a high-performance, affordable cell replacement backed with industry-leading support and customer service.

The CircuPool® T3 replacement cell helps your salt chlorinator generate free chlorine and evenly distribute it throughout your swimming pool. This helps to prevent dry skin and eye irritation while providing big pool maintenance savings!

Plug-and-play compatibility guaranteed, comes with 15' Cord. Perfect replacement for T-Cell-3 salt cells for 15,000 gallon systems such as the Hayward / Goldline Aqua Rite, AquaRite Pro, AquaLogic, Pro Logic, SwimPure, Mineral Springs, NatureSoft, SplashCLEAR, AquaPlus, systems and more. Designed to meet or exceed original specifications, to ensure optimal performance and reliability-

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