CircuPool® Universal40 Salt Chlorine Generator

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Replaces popular salt systems up to 40,000 gallons from Hayward®, allows easy "drop-in" complete replacement.
Power: 2.0 lbs/day
Capacity: 40000 gal. (max) - 35000 gal. 30000 gal.
Warranty: 4 Years Limited*
Lifespan: 10000 hours
Type: Digital Controls with LCD Screen
Part Number: UL40
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Easily replaces Hayward salt systems, from 5000 - 40000 gallons as a drop-in replacement. The UL40 is a powerful unit with a long warranty - a favorite for the Do-It-Yourself crowd.

Available in three different model sizes, the affordable CircuPool Universal Series brings a new level of convenience and durability for backyard saltwater pools. Each one is an easy replacement for the Hayward AquaRite: plumbing  and electrical compatibility allows you to upgrade your old salt chlorinator in minutes with simple tools! What's more, the Universal40 offers higher power and longer lifespan than many popular brands. Its digital controls work automatically with your pump & filter, and it constantly monitors the salinity level and temperature of the pool water and makes operation a breeze. With long-life titanium electrodes, the Universal Series also comes backed with award-winning service and an industry-leading warranty for salt systems in this price range: 4-years prorated, on every single component. Includes plumbing unions for both 1.5" and 2" pipe sizes. Dual voltage: 110/220v. For pools up to 40,000 gallons maximum.

Compatible plumbing replacement for: Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite, SwimPure Plus, AquaRite 900 Series, SwimPure Extreme, Mineral Springs, NatureSoft, AquaPlus, LeverEdge Guardian, Blue Essence, H40 systems and more.   User Manual


Please note components are not intended to be interchangeable between brands (ex: use of one brand’s electronics with another brand’s cell). CircuPool is not affiliated with Hayward Industries, Inc. The use of such trademarks herein is for informational purposes only, and the product(s) are not those of Hayward Industries Inc., but rather are simply compatible with the plumbing of referenced Hayward product (cell length & threads).

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