CircuPool CORE55 Salt Chlorine Generator

CircuPool CORE55 Salt Chlorine Generator
CircuPool CORE55 Salt Chlorine Generator

CircuPool CORE55 Salt Chlorine Generator

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Revolutionary CORE saltwater chlorinators feature advanced digital electronics & easy installation.


2.3 lbs/day


55000 gal. (max) - 45000 gal. 40000 gal.


8 Years Limited*


Digital Controls with LED Indicators and Touch Keypad

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Pool owners love CircuPool CORE Series salt systems - its never been easier to keep your swimming pool crystal clear without the hassle or expense of buying chlorine. The CircuPool CORE-55 uses advanced Titanium Cells and the latest 4th-generation digital electronics to effortlessly and automatically maintain sparkling blue water for a luxurious swimming experience.

The revolutionary CORE-55 features advanced modern design, heavy-duty construction with IP-66 Rated protection, digital controls, and premium clear cell. The CORE Titanium Cell is easily removed for maintenance in its included cleaning vessel or for future replacement. Best of all, the CORE-Series has long lifespan cell and is backed with award-winning customer service and the best-in-industry warranty.

The CORE Series doesn't require wiring during installation! It comes ready to plug into any standard outdoor outlet. It's switch-mode power supply can also automatically accept 110V or 220V, making it easy to connect to an existing pump timer or controller if desired.

Using its available adapter kit, the CORE Series will replace Hayward Aqua Rite systems without cutting or gluing, making it a snap to upgrade your salt pool system!

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5 Stars
super easy installation - this is how it should be
We decided to convert out pool to a saltwater pool. Since I am a new pool owner I was looking for a Salt generator that would do the Job, is easy to install and still provides warranty, even if I do not pay an arm and a leg to install it to my pool guy. One common thing across all systems was the small question: How to make sure that the cell is not producing chlorine when my pool pump is not running. The clear answer to this was always: You have to add a controller that will automate the chlorine cell with the pool pump. How much is the controller? Well, there are a ton of, but you can add feature xyz and it controls pool lights, solar heater, pool pump and all these nice things that I do not want to control and it will cost you 1,5k plus another 700 for install. And wat they do not tell you is that these controllers consume power, which may be significant, because they run 24/7. Now then I stumbled over this great cell. What makes it so different? 1. They provide you with warranty, even when you install it your self. 2. Installation - dead simple. a). When you install it, you do not need to measure anything. It comes with a template where you just use a marker to mark where to cut and in which area to glue. Simple, no measuring, and no mistakes here. b) After you cut it, prime and glue it. Wait till glue is dry and then hand tight the joints. c) Now the most complicated step: take the power cord and plug it into an outlet. Thats it. d) But hey: What about the communication between pump and cell? I do not want chlorine generation when there is no flow. Well, there is a build in flow switch that stops chlorine generation. What took the longest during the installation? Waiting for the glue to dry. The whole process from cutting to finish takes 10-15 minutes without glue dry time. I have a 25k Gallon pool and my chlorine level was 0 before I started. After half a day at full power my chlorine level was at 4. Now I can start using my pool and I still have both arms and legs. Seriously, I can fully recommend this product.
Reviewed by:  from Rocklin, CA. on 5/6/2019
5 Stars
It raised the chlorine 2 points overnight. Old Jandy piece of crap was NEVER able to do that so shocking was still a normal occurrence. Thank you for making a quality and EASY product! My husband just installed it. We’re replacing an AquaPure (Jandy) that’s been nothing but a pain in the butt since day 1 4-5 years ago. Thanks again!
Reviewed by:  from Fort Worth, TX. on 5/29/2019
5 Stars
No regrets
Easy to install. Amazing not having to worry about the chlorine level anymore. My 36,000 gallon pool used a TON of chlorine this year (nitrates, phosphate issues). Now the pump is set to 12 hours a day and so 12 hours of 75% chlorine production with this CORE55. Perfect chlorine levels. Love it.
Reviewed by:  from Saint Charles, Illinois. on 9/20/2019

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