CircuPool SmartFlo® Variable Speed Pool Pump - 1.7 THP

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Energy Efficient Programmable Variable-Speed Swimming Pool Pump
Power: 1.7 THP
Capacity: 20000 gal. (max)
Warranty: 5 Years*
Type: Programmable Variable-Speed Pump
Part Number: CIR-SF1.5P
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The CircuPool SmartFlo® variable-speed saltwater pool pump is a next-generation, ultra-efficient pump that can provide up to 90% energy savings over traditional swimming pool pumps! It features a super-duty Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) permanent-magnet motor and highly-engineered hydraulics, which deliver premium efficiency, long lifespan, and whisper-quiet operation.

Specifically designed to replace existing high-performance pumps, the CircuPool SmartFlo® has integrated programmable controls that make it completely customizable, making it a perfect fit for any type of pool. Works great with saltwater chlorinators!

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