Complete pH Management Kit. CO2 Tank(s) available as add-on option, or for purchase/rental locally. <div class=product-sticker-60MBG> </div>
Complete pH Management Kit. CO2 Tank(s) available as add-on option, or for purchase/rental locally.

CircuPool TOTALBalance pH Control System with Patented CO2 Infusion

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Keep your pool safe & balanced automatically, WITHOUT using dangerous acid! Simple to install & use. Patented CO2 infusion provides up to 2x the performance.
Capacity: Scalable to work with almost any size pool - avg. 3-6 months between CO2 refills*
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty - 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee*
Type: CO2 Infusion pH Management

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If you had to choose one, would you rather add ACID or AIR to your pool?

Acid: Your pH is constantly changing if you use traditional chemical maintenance. Imbalanced pH can make your pool sanitation ineffective, cause swimmer discomfort, and even damage pool surfaces and equipment. Worse yet, keeping pH balanced typically means storing, handling, and dumping caustic acid into the pool - standard Muriatic (Hydrochloric) Acid can cause severe harm and damage to you, your swimmers, your pool and equipment.

Air: Instead, the TOTALBalance is a revolutionary system that constantly manages your pH without adding a drop of acid. It uses a patented process of CO2 infusion to naturally, safely, and effectively control your pH - for consistently balanced water with no risk of hurting your swimmers or damaging your pool. And unlike other pH controllers, the TOTALBalance is so simple and streamlined that its do-it-yourself installation takes less than 30 minutes.

*The TOTALBalance pH Control system can work with virtually any size pool, and refilling its CO2 tank(s) is typically only needed seasonally - typically 3 months per refill depending on pool size and CO2 tank sizes. See "CO2 Tanks & Sizing" below.

TOTALBalance pH systems allow you to:

  • Automatically keep your pool balanced - effortlessly, every day
    • Prevent imbalanced chemistry from sneaking up on you and harming one of your most valuable investments.
    • In addition to making it harder to keep your pool clean and causing uncomfortable swimming, bad pH can etch away and erode pool surfaces and equipment!
  • Maintain a safe pH level - organically
    • Coming in contact with acid can cause severe damage to you and your surroundings. Even just the fumes are dangerous.
    • Instead, CO2 infusion is highly effective without the health and safety risks.
  • Do it yourself in 30 minutes or less! Easy install, simple to use
    • TOTALBalance installation requires no plumbing. It connects to the drain plugs on most pumps, and can simply plug into a power outlet.
      • Connects to CircuPool SmartFlo pumps, as well as most Hayward®, Pentair®, Sta-Rite®, PacFab®, and more...

How does the TOTALBalance work? It's a patented process!

  1. Connect the TOTALBalance Controller to its CO2 tank and to your pool pump
    • This is done in minutes with supplied tubing and easy "press-and-seal" connections between all three items.
    • You'll connect to your pump's exisiting drain ports with specially-designed connectors (included) that just screw in place of your drain plugs.
  2. A small amount of CO2 is injected into your return plumbing
    • By injecting it into the pump, the CO2 is fully absorbed into the water - there are no bubbles.
    • The controller injects just the right amount of CO2 for your pool's needs.
  3. The CO2 is infused and absorbed into the water, balancing the pool
    • The CO2 is transformed into a natural form of carbonic acid which saturates the pool water to control pH.

CO2 - How much does my pool need & where do I get it?

  • Which size CO2 tanks do I need for my pool?
    • The system will work equally well with most any size pool, more CO2 just means less frequent refills.
    • To balance cost and convenience, we recommend:
      • One 20 lb. tank - 12,000 gallon pool or less
      • Double 20lb. tanks / one 35 lb. tank - 20,000 gallon pool or less
      • Triple 20 lb. tanks - 36,000 gallon pool or less (Recommended size for most residential pools)
      • Triple 35 lb. tanks - 64,000 gallon pool or less

      • These recommendations would require refills once a quarter or less often. For more details, see sizing charts below.
      • Note: 35 lb. tank sizes should be purchased or rented locally
      • Note: pools with spill-overs, zero-edge / infinity-edge, or waterfalls that run for long periods can cause significant amounts of aeration and evaporation; consider upsizing your tank capacity by least one recommended level or more when used on such a pool. Conversely, if a pool is very frequently covered while not in use, less evaporation occurs and the system will not need to run as much.
  • How often do I need to refill the CO2?
    • The patented CO2 infusion process allows for predictable CO2 use!
    • Double 20 lb. CO2 tanks:
    • Triple 20 lb. CO2 tanks:
    • Triple 35 lb. CO2 tanks:
  • Where do I refill the CO2 tanks, and how expensive is it?
    • Just like you might refill your barbeque propane tank, your CO2 tank(s) can be easily refilled.
    • CO2 refills are widely available across the country. Hardware stores, sporting good stores, restaurant supply stores, paintball stores, and welding supply stores just to name a few. In some areas, there are even companies that provide onsite refill services.
      • We're even glad to help you look up stores in your area, just give us a call or send an email.
    • On average, a CO2 refill typically only costs $15 - $40

How does the TOTALBalance system compare?

TOTALBalance Other pH Systems Manually adding acid
What's Involved CO2 infusion system that easily adds-on to existing equipment & works every day to keep water balanced. "Acid feeder" systems that with acid tank, acid pump, acid tubes, & consumable pH sensors. Works every day to keep water balanced. You have to test your water and add acid manually, which to do it right can almost be a daily chore. You have to store, measure, and handle acid.
Setup Fast DIY installation, NO plumbing required, NO complicated wiring. Easy controls. Simple, predictable operation. Needs professional installation for plumbing / electrical. Complex "chemistry-set" configuration and operation. You still have to diligently test your water and manually add acid...
Using CO2 Uses a patented CO2 injection method that is 100% effective and allows us to calculate how long the CO2 will last. Can be modified to use CO2 with the purchase of extra equipment. Ineffective CO2 infusion - it can't use the patented injection process. You still have to diligently test your water and manually add acid...
What's Next CO2 can last you an entire swim season or more before needing a refill.* No risk of lowering pH to dangerous levels. Expensive pH sensors wear out, potential for the large amount of acid being stored to cause damage. You still have to diligently test your water and manually add acid...
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