Psst, here's the secret to easy and economical pool care!

Two words: Circulation and Sanitation.

Dead Pool - Poor Circulation
Dead Pool
Live Pool - Poor Circulation
Live Pool


How much money do you spend on your pool each year? If you are like the typical pool owner, you buy buckets of expensive chlorine tablets and tubs of shock and quarts of algaecide. Just the cost of these chemicals quickly adds up to several hundred dollars. How much time do you spend on your pool? You must buy, haul, and store all those buckets and tubs and quarts. You test your water ; you put in the chemicals and sometimes it still gets out of control. More trips to the store. More testing. More dosing.

The secret to ending these hassles forever is setting your pool up for complete circulation and automatic sanitization.

Although chlorine is a great sanitizer and an excellent algaecide, most pool systems depend on us to maintain the chlorine level and the chlorine we dispense depends on the usual fixed returns to distribute it evenly throughout the pool. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to monitor and administer the chlorine input. And even when we do, the circulation system fails to deliver the sanitizer to every nook and cranny. Then because of hot weather or debris in the pool, bacteria and algae get a toehold and the battle begins. The CircuPool® System solves these problems once and for all.

Using the existing pump and filter, the CircuPool® cell and control module produce a pure form of chlorine that is injected throughout the pool with the patented vector jet, killing germs and algae. This natural chlorine dissipates quickly, leaving only a small residual that is kind to the eyes, skin and hair. More info at

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