Complete CircuPool® Saltwater Swimming Pool System Kits - Do It Yourself Salt Conversion

Convert Your Pool to Salt Water in 3 Simple Steps

Choose Your Salt System

CircuPool offers a range of high-performance models for every budget - compare models & specs. The most important thing is to choose a model size that has plenty of power to keep your pool clean. Learn more about sizing, or just call for personalized help!

Add the Salt System to Your Equipment

The salt chlorinator is an easy add-on that works with your existing equipment. Each system comes with simple user-friendly instructions to connect the system to the pool pipes and to power. Typically, installation only takes about an hour.

Add Salt to the Water

Adding the salt to the pool is the easiest part. You don't need to drain the pool, you just pour the bags of salt directly into the swimming pool. The level of salt needed in the water is so low that once dissolved you shouldn't taste it or so any other effects. Remember that the salt doesn't get used up, and on average you'll only need another bag or two over the season because of rain. It's cheap too, you can usually find salt locally for about $5 - $7 for a bag.

Why convert your pool to salt? Because it eliminiates the hassle and expense of buying & adding chlorine. It's the standard in pool care!

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