Your Pool Can Be a CircuPool®

Quick, Easy, Affordable

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Install our Swimmimg Pool Chlorine Generator yourself or call us if you need recommendations for professional installation services. The CircuPool System installs easily in about an hour.

With ordinary hand tools, anyone with basic plumbing and electrical skills can convert your pool. Our salt pool kits include the generator cell, the control module, mounting hardware and complete instructions.

Plus, CircuPool® techs are also available to answer any questions you may have.

Installation Overview

Add the salt to the pool. A teaspoon of plain salt per gallon is all you need! Water softener salt or pool salt is readily available and very inexpensive.
Locate the pipe from your filter (or swimming pool heater if you have one) that carries the water back to the pool. Install the cell assembly.
Mount the control module in a handy spot and connect the power cord to the timer or switch that controls your main pump; they will go on and off together. Plug in the control module to the cell.
Turn on the unit and enjoy your pool!
Donate your left-over chemicals to your best neighbor.
View Installation Manuals & User Guides

"It only took my husband 45 minutes to install your salt system …and it works!"
Cindy S., Dallas, TX
"The only mistake I made was waiting. I should have switched last year."
Sam N., BeBe, AR
"My cat drinks the pool water and he's pretty pickey."
Gloria J., Orlando, FL
"Now I know why the neighbors raved about the salt pool. We love it too!"
Bob F., Las Vegas, NV
"Just called to say thanks; We enjoyed our pool so much this year, we kept it open an extra month and we plan on opening it a month early next year!"
Pam W., Staton Island, NY
"For the first summer ever, we had no algae problems. I was skeptical at first but now I'm a believer. My neighbor is going to call you."
Wayne D., Ontario, CA
"No chlorine stink. No red eyes. It's the only way to go."
Carol M., Hendersonville, NC
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