Durable. Reliable. Amazing Longevity. Choose the CircuPool RJ-PLUS Series for a long-lifespan salt system that gives you the most control, and features titanium cells powerful enough to handle even the largest backyard pools. For over a decade, RJ-PLUS Series salt systems have been a customer favorite. With unparalleled longevity and reliability, RJ-PLUS Series salt systems are the smart choice to keep your swimming pool clean and clear without the use of harsh chemicals- plus up to 50% savings or more over conventional chlorine. The CircuPool RJ-PLUS Series is the salt chlorinator that pool owners have come to love and trust!

The RJ-PLUS Series salt system is a durable, high-performance salt chlorinator. If you're replacing an old chlorine generator, get more functionality out of your salt system and more capability to clear up the pool, even after heavy pool use. You can rely on CircuPool to deliver innovative pool equipment that puts the pool owner first. Whether used in residential or commercial pools, you can depend on RJ-PLUS model salt systems to help you spend more time enjoying the pool, and less time doing chemical maintenance. Order a customer-favorite CircuPool salt chlorine generator today.

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