Making better pool products means making a difference for you

Professional grade quality for the backyard budget

How can you eliminate expensive pool chemicals, get more circulation, better filtration, quieter pool equipment, AND make a big cut to your energy bill?
We believe in putting the pool-owner first. CircuPool means innovative, proven, high-performance equipment and award-winning customer service.

CircuPool offers a full line of advanced pool equipment systems for residential swimming pools. CircuPool systems feature modern design and are engineered for years of simple, worry-free operation. With a unique focus directly on you, the pool-owner, CircuPool delivers leading performance, reliability, and value.

We want to make your swimming pool easy for you, so you can:

Save Big every year on pool care costs
  • Salt Systems eliminate buying expensive chlorine, shock, & algaecide. Save up to 50% or more over traditional maintenance.
  • Variable-Speed Pumps are ultra energy efficient pumps that can save up to $1500* a year on utility bills - whisper quiet too!
  • Ozone Generators greatly reduce the pool's chemical demand while extending salt cell lifespan for big long term savings.
Dramatically reduce maintenance
  • Salt Systems work automatically everyday to keep the pool clean, no more chemical hassle.
  • Cyclonic Pre-Filters all but eliminate filter cleanings using vortex technology, and it cleans out in seconds
  • TOTALBalance pH Controls maintain your pool's pH balance automatically - without using a drop of acid!
Have a more beautiful, luxurious pool
  • Salt Systems - enjoy a natural swimming experience with no red eyes, or itchy skin, or harsh chemistry.
  • Ozone Generators - eliminate 99.99% of impurities & get high-definition water clarity.
  • Variable-Speed Pumps - get more circulation & filtration to keep the pool spotless while using less energy.

Just some of the features that make CircuPool systems different:


Power is a Priority

Pound for pound, CircuPool salt systems offer your more cleaning power so you can worry less about your pool. More powerful to sanitize your pool means preventing pool hassles and providing more value for you.

Durability means Reliability

The Electrolytic Cell is the heart of any saltwater pool system. CircuPool offers extended lifespan Titanium Cells with an industry-leading 15,000 hour rating (available on RJ PLUS models).

Simplicity without sacrificing Capability

Make controlling your pool as easy as pressing a button. RJ models come with touchpad controls and OLED display.

Attention to Detail

The control module for the CircuPool RJ-Series is built on an industrial-grade die-cast heat-sink made out of solid aluminum for durability and thermal efficiency.

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