Extreme capacity for minimal filter maintenance
Extreme capacity for minimal filter maintenance

Triple400 Cartridge Filter

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Compact, efficient, easy-maintenance pool filtration.
Capacity: 48000 gal. (max)
Warranty: 2 Years Limited*
Type: 400 sq. ft. Cartridge
Part Number: W-Triple400
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This triple cartridge filter houses three individual pleated filter cartridges, maximizing its capacity to hold dirt and debris, and minimizing the frequency of filter maintenance, which can lead to significant water savings.

Built to endure the stresses of outdoor environments, the Triple400 is made from from specially engineered polymers that have been tested for durability and strength. Its heavy-duty polyester cartridges can remove imputiries as low as 30 microns in size, and with its huge surface area, the filters require minimal cleaning frequency. When cleaning is required, the split-tank design incorporates an easy-to-use hand clamp that requires no additional tools for simple cartridge removal and quick cleaning.

With a total filtration surface area of 400 sq. ft., the Triple400 is rated for a maximum pool size of up to 48,000 gallons - or up to 74,000 gallons when teamed up with the Typhoon Prefilter. Best of all, sparkling, crystal-clear water is virtually guaranteed.

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