What is it like to have a saltwater pool and swim in it? Is the pool water salty? Is a saltwater swimming pool healthier? These are three of the most common questions people have about "salt pools", and we'll go over all three.

If you're new to the idea of a saltwater pool, the most important thing to know from the start is that salt systems have become the standard in pool care. A saltwater pool is just a regular pool with a "salt chlorinator" installed on it; a salt system eliminates the need to buy and add chlorine to the pool (saves a lot of money), makes it so you don't have to micromanage your pool chemistry (saves a lot of maintenance), and eliminates the "chlorine smell" and other unhealthy qualities of traditional pools (makes the water a lot nicer).

What is the water like in a salt pool?

The water in a salt pool is different. Because of what the salt system does, the water is softer - it feels "silky". The water in a salt pool doesn't dry your skin out, make your eyes red, or bleach your hair or swimsuits. There's no "chlorine smell", just luxurious swimming like in a natural body of water.

Is the pool water salty?

No! That's one of the biggest misconceptions. CircuPool systems only use a very low level of natural salt in order to continually sanitize the pool - it's virtually unnoticeable. In fact, the pool salt levels are almost considered freshwater compared to sea water. The ocean contains 35,000 ppm salinity (salt level) or even higher, while a salt pool is closer to 3,000 ppm. In comparison, freshwater can still have 500-1,000 ppm salnity. It's at such low levels that you shouldn't taste it or see any effects.

Is it safe to add salt to my swimming pool?

Yes, modern salt systems have been around for decades and are safe for use with use virtually any "pool-grade" materials. If the notion of salt makes you think of salt in the ocean or a salted winter road, remember that the water's salt content is so many times lower that the comparison fails. Adding the actual salt to the pool doesn't really do anything - the low level salt in the pool is only being used by the equipment to sanitize the water. Once added and dissolved, your typical experience with the salt will be like it was never there.

Is it healthier to have a salt pool?

A pool salt system eliminates "chloramines", the caustic byproducts of traditional chlorination responsible for the harmful effects you usually think of with swimming pools. Chloramines can cause severe skin reactions and can aggravate other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis; they are possibly linked to even worse health issues. So of course we aren't doctors, but we choose the benefits of saltwater pools for our familes because of the real differences and advantages when compared to traditional chlorination.

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