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The Complete Guide to Salt Water Pools

The Complete Guide to Salt Water Pools


Do you dream of having your own oasis in your backyard? If so, you have likely contemplated swimming pool ownership at some point.

However, is a traditional chlorine pool right for you and your family? If you aren’t sure, you may enjoy all the benefits offered by saltwater pools.

Before diving into the benefits of this type of pool, it’s time to learn more about what it is and offers.

How Do I Choose the Right Salt Chlorinator System For Where I Live?

Smartly sizing your pool system is the key to success. You'll run your equipment less, save money, and have fewer headaches. In addition to general sizing guidelines, there are some factors that are an important part of the sizing equation which can differ depending on where you live.

The Deepest Pool in the World

The deepest pool is located in Brussels, Belgium. Named NEMO33, it is 108 ft. deep. It was built as a multi-purpose diving instruction, recreational, and film production facility. NEMO33 opened in 2004. The pool is 660,430 gallons of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water.