CircuPool® SJ-20 Salt Chlorine Generator

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SJ models are simple, reliable, easy-to-use saltwater pool systems.
Power: 0.8 lbs/day
Capacity: 20000 gal. (max) - 15000 gal. 12000 gal.
Warranty: 3 Years Limited*
Lifespan: 10000 hours
Type: Digital Controls with LED Indicators
Part Number: SJ20A
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Pool owners love CircuPool SJ Series salt systems, the simple way to keep your swimming pool crystal clear without the expense or hassle of buying chlorine. The CircuPool SJ20 uses advanced titanium electrolytic cells to effortlessly and automatically maintain sparkling blue water for a luxurious swimming experience.

The new 2rd-generation SJ20 features digital power supply, streamlined controls, and independent flow switch. This model is dual-voltage (automatically converting either 240VAC or 120VAC), making it easier to connect to power. No other low-cost system is as durable, user-friendly and easy to operate – guaranteed to out-perform and outlast systems that cost much more. Best of all, the SJ20 is backed with award-winning customer service and long warranty.

Using available adapter kit, the SJ20 chlorine generator will replace Hayward® Aqua Rite® and Pentair IntelliChlor® systems with no cutting or re-plumbing, making it a snap to upgrade your salt pool system!*

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*CircuPool products are not made by, or affiliated with, Hayward Industries.

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