How can you get more pool circulation, have better filtration, put an end to loud pool equipment, AND make a big cut to your energy bill?

By adding a whisper-quiet energy-saving programmable pump - save up to 90% on energy costs (as much as $1500 per year*)! All CircuPool pumps are certified saltwater-safe and have been engineered for superior performance, incredible durability, and remarkably quiet operation. Make the SMART CHOICE - an ultra-efficient CircuPool swimming pool pumps can quickly pay for itself and continue to provide BIG SAVINGS, EVERY YEAR.

When it comes to delivering the best pool equipment options for your pool backed by incredible customer support, there's no competition. CircuPool SmartFlo variable speed pool pumps are ENERGY STAR Certified for high-performance - up to 35% above ENERGY STAR requirements. This means you can maximize flow & pool circulation for crystal-clear water, without having to fear a big electricity bill. Find the best pump to fit your pool's needs and shop CircuPool SmartFlo VS Pumps today.

*Learn More about energy efficient pool pumps

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: 1.5 THP
: 3 Years*
: Programmable Variable-Speed Pump
: 2.0 THP
: 3 Years*
: Programmable Variable-Speed Pump
: 3.0 THP
: 3 Years*
: Programmable Variable-Speed Pump
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