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Troubleshooting Most Common Issues:

Have a Low Chlorine level in your Pool? We can help!

What is the salt level in the pool?

  1. Your salt level should be at 3500ppm (4000ppm, SJ Models)
  2. To calculate how much salt you need use:
    • 30lbs. of water softener salt per thousand gallons for initial startup.
    • If you've measured salt already in the pool, your product manual (and its help guide, see link above) has a handy chart showing how much more salt needs to be added
      • You can also visit as a helpful resource
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What is the stabilizer level in the pool?

  1. Ideal Range is 30-50ppm.
  2. Stabilizer or CYA for short protects your chlorine from the sun.
    • Stabilizer is not typically used for indoor pools.

What is the Phosphate Level in the pool?

  1. Ideal range is ZERO Parts Per Billion.
  2. Chlorine demand will greatly rise when the phosphate level is above 100ppb.
  3. Chlorine can be depleted fast enough that it can no longer show that there is any available on water chemistry tests, even if the pool is still clear.
  4. Phosphates are the #1 food source for algae. They will rapidly consume the chlorine in your pool and also cause algae to grow.

What is the Nitrate level in the pool?

  1. Ideal range is ZERO parts per million.
  2. Chlorine will be consumed above 10ppm
    • IMPORTANT: Smaller levels of Nitrates combined with small levels of Phosphates can add up to still be a significant problem.
  3. Most common forms are: fertilizer, human wastes, rain, and leaves or other decaying plant life.

What is the Output Level on the CircuPool Unit?

  1. If your Chlorine level is low, temporarily raise your salt system's Chlorine Output Level to 100% until enough Chlorine has been created.
  2. This may be needed:
    • During rising temperatures.
    • When your bather load is heavy.
    • After a heavy rain.
    • During chemical imbalances,

How many hours are the pumps running per day?

  1. Every pool needs enough circulation pump run-time to for the water in the pool to pass through the filter around 1.5 - 2 times a day.
  2. Pump run time should typically be a minimum of one hour for every ten degrees outside.
    • i.e. Temperature peaks at 90 degrees, run the pumps for a minimum of nine hours.

Are there any warning lights or error messages on the System?

  1. If yes, click the button below and please refer to CircuPool’s model-specific troubleshooting guides for further assistance.

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You can also get assistance with Water Chemistry, How-To Guides, and other helpful information with the links above. If you are still experiencing issues with the pool, please call us at 888-206-9938. Please see Hours of Operation here. We would be more than happy to help you!

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