What do you need from a pool filter system? You need something that can pick up even the smallest debris that falls into the water, capture it, and prevent it from re-circulating into the swimming pool. You need a pool filter that does not need to be checked often, is easy to clean when you do check it, and doesn't waste water when you clean it. An ideal pool filter is also compact, convenient, reliable, and energy-efficient.

CircuPool filters are designed to provide an optimal balance of fine micron filtration, simple maintenance, durable construction, and more. Choose a filter with a capacity based on your pool's needs your pool size. Boost your filtration capacity and minimize your filter maintenance with a cutting-edge CircuPool pre-filter. Using cyclonic filtration, CircuPool prefilters reduces filter workload by up to 80%, and captures debris & sediment without requiring consumable filter media. CircuPool prefilters clean out in moments using on 4 gallons of water, and make standard maintenance on your main filter a rare event!

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