The CircuPool RJ-Classic Electronic Chlorine Generator is the first generation RJ-Series model (not compatible with any newer models). Although it helps maintain blue and clear swimming pool with ease, at some point you may need to do a little maintenance on the system itself. That means occasionally checking that salt system is operating as it should be, cleaning your cell when needed, and that your water chemistry levels are balanced. It also means removing and replacing any components that are worn or are no longer functional. That way you ensure the entire salt system from working well.

When you need factory new parts for your CircuPool RJ-Classic Series salt chlorinator, there is no better place to search than the source. Here at CircuPool, we will gladly assist our customers and help you find the genuine replacement parts you may need.

Our selection of replacement salt chlorinator parts includes o-rings, pvc union fittings, keypads, cables, and more. Enjoy the benefits of your RJ Classic Series salt chlorine generator for more years to come with the genuine CircuPool replacement parts you might need.

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