There is no more convenient or cost-effective way to maintain a swimming pool than with CircuPool salt chlorinator systems. CircuPool salt systems ensure sparkling blue water and naturally luxurious swimming, while eliminating chemical hassles. Generate 100% of the chlorine your pool needs automatically daily using a low level of ordinary salt. That means you save big on pool chemicals and don't have to micromanage your water chemistry anymore. Even better, the swimming experience is unparalleled - no burning eyes, dry skin, damaged hair, or caustic chlorine smell.

CircuPool salt chlorinators are the premiere choice when converting your pool to salt. CircuPool salt pool systems are designed with you mind. Made for the backyard pool owner, they are easy to use, long lasting, and provide unrivaled value. Installation can be done in as little as 15 minutes for some models! We offer a full line of salt chlorinators to meet the needs of almost any pool, and CircuPool is known for offering industry-leading warranties and customer support. Get a spectacular low-chemical, low-effort pool with our salt chlorine generators.

No Warranty Penalties for Do-It-Yourself Installations

CircuPool offers industry-leading performance, lifespan, and value. Choose the best CircuPool salt chlorinator to meet your needs:

  • CORE Series CORE Series

    Compact. Powerful. Brilliantly Simple

    Compact & powerful with the industry's easiest DIY install. The CORE's revolutionary all-in-one integrated design provides ultimate simplicity - with the latest generation advanced digital electronics, its never been easier to eliminate chlorine and save big. With its included installation template and plug-in wiring, it can be installed in as little as 15 minutes*.

    Warranty: 8 Years* VIEW MODEL SIZES
  • RJ PLUS Series RJ PLUS Series

    Durable. Reliable. Amazing Longevity.

    For over a decade, pool owners have loved their RJ-Series salt system, the #1 favorite to keep your swimming pool crystal clear without the hassle or expense of buying chlorine. Now in its third generation, the CircuPool RJ+ offers extra extended-lifespan titanium cells, high-performance sanitation, OLED digital controls and touch keypad, and a history of proven reliability.

    Warranty: 7 Years* VIEW MODEL SIZES
  • EDGE Series EDGE Series

    Advanced. Streamlined. Incredibly Effective.

    The EDGE is the simple salt system that features high-performance sanitation, modern worry-free controls, and the latest generation advanced digital electronics and titanium cells. The EDGE makes it effortless to keep your pool sparkling clean without buying chlorine - its simple and streamlined controls let you know day or night your pool is protected.

    Warranty: 7 Years* VIEW MODEL SIZES
  • Universal Series Universal Series

    Compatible, Familiar - An Easy Upgrade

    The CircuPool Universal Series easily replaces many common salt chlorination systems that you might already have on your pool. An easy way to upgrade older equipment model, such as a Hayward® / Goldine® AquaRite®, SwimPure Plus®, Mineral Springs®, and more.* Click to see a complete list of compatible systems.

    Warranty: 4 Years* VIEW MODEL SIZES
  • SJ Series SJ Series

    Simple. Solid. Amazing Value

    The SJ Series is the economical salt system that delivers proven reliability and value for your swimming pool! With a broad operating range and easy maintenance, CircuPool SJ Series salt systems are the affordable choice to keep your swimming pool clean and clear without the use of harsh chemicals- plus up to 50% or more savings over conventional chlorine.

    Warranty: 3 Years* VIEW MODEL SIZES

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