These CircuPool salt cells below are designed to be compatible aftermarket replacements for existing cells made by Hayward® Goldline® AquaRite®, AquaRite Pro®, AquaLogic®, Pro Logic®, SwimPure Plus®, Mineral Springs®, NatureSoft®, SplashCLEAR®, AquaPlus®, LeverEdge Guardian®, Blue Essence® systems, and more. CircuPool titanium salt cells provide tremendous value, and are an easy replacement once your old salt system cell has worn out. These cells were designed to meet or exceed original specifications, and compatibility is guaranteed.

Revolutionize the way pool maintenance is done with our professional-grade cell supplies that are compatible with the backyard budget. Circupool offers a full line of reliable, lasting equipment that significantly reduces maintenance time, so the pool can be enjoyed the way it is supposed to. Order the salt system supplies that deliver the performance you need at prices that provide big savings.

Rely on CircuPool for your pool replacement cells compatible with Hayward® / Goldline® salt systems and more. At CircuPool, we want swimming pool maintenance to be a breeze while allowing you to save big every year on pool care costs. Choose CircuPool products today that are made to enhance and improve overall pool performance. 

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