Choose genuine professional-grade replacement salt cells for your CircuPool salt chlorinator system. Replacing your cell provides tremendous value - years more of generating free chlorine at a fraction of the initial cost. CircuPool salt cells are long-lasting, high-performance replacements, and can easily be installed in minutes without any required tools. CircuPool replacement cells are affordable and are backed by industry-leading customer service and support. Not sure if your existing cell is still working? Choose your model's help guide and see page 6 to verify your system's operation 


Browse the CircuPool salt cell options below. Choose your system's model line to see the available salt cell replacements, including original RJ Classic models, Si-Series, SJ-Series, RJ-PLUS Series and more. Some aftermarket cells are also available for other popular brands.

Browse a complete lineup of replacement cells and for CircuPool salt systems to find the right cell for your pool's needs.


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