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Complete CircuPool Saltwater Swimming Pool System
Complete Swimming Pool Systems

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Modern pool systems should make your life easier! CircuPool offers cutting-edge complete pool systems that free you the constant worry and work of normal pool maintenance.

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Saltwater Swimming Pools Overview

When it comes to pools,
Everybody Loves Blue!™

Why do people love their blue CircuPool saltwater pool systems? Because it's so easy to keep your pool that perfect shade of blue.

Automatically have the cleanest, safest water possible for a luxurious swimming experience - without the hassle or expense of typical chlorine pool maintenance.

Easily convert your pool to salt chlorination in about an hour! Complete kits starting from $549.

Simplicity of saltwater swimming pool systems - CircuPool RJ-Series

Benefits of CircuPool Salt Pools

  • Don't add any more chlorine. Kill germs automatically with no chemical hassle.
  • Huge savings of up to 50% or more over traditional chlorination.
  • Swim in clean, sparkling, soft water. No more red eyes, itchy skin, or harsh effects.
  • See why salt water pools are the standard:
Adding A Saltwater Pool System

Convert your pool in under an hour

Salt pool conversion just means adding a saltwater chlorinator. Using basic tools, this can usually be done in about an hour. Have an existing system? Convert from anther brand in just minutes using available adapter kits! Unlike other brands, CircuPool never penalizes your warranty for self-installation.

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Join the millions of pool owners that have discovered the benefits of modern salt systems. Swimming pool owners choose CircuPool because they know it's matchless for value, warranty, ease of installation, and support.

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What is a Salt Pool Like? Saltwater Chlorine Generators

Is the pool water salty?

No! CircuPool systems only use a very low level of natural salt in order to continually sanitize the pool - it's virtually unnoticeable. In fact, the pool salt levels are almost considered freshwater compared to sea water.

What Salt Pools Are Like

How hard is it to use a salt system?

CircuPool systems are simple to use. Easily adjust its settings to meet your pool's unique needs. Once set, the system continues to maintain its performance without you having to lift a finger.

How To Use A Salt System

What is the typical maintenance?

Once in place, your pool salt system it works automatically with your other pool equipment to effortlessly generate 100% of your pool's chlorine needs. The savings add up quick!

Salt Pool Maintenance
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