CircuPool systems are designed with you in mind. There's no better way to maintain your pool than with a complete salt water chlorination system. Generate 100% of the chlorine your pool needs automatically every day. That means you save big on pool chemicals, and don't have to micromanage your water chemistry anymore - you can drastically cut the time and effort spent on your pool maintenance. Even better, the swimming experience is unparalleled - no more red eyes, itchy skin, bleached hair and swimsuits, or caustic chlorine smell.

When we design CircuPool sanitation systems for swimming pools, we're all about providing innovative pool equipment that makes your life easier. You can get professional grade pool equipment without overpaying. Eliminate buying and adding chlorine by using a reliable CircuPool salt chlorine generator. Get remarkably pure, clean, crystal-clear pool water by adding an Ozone Generator. Maintain your pool's balance naturally with a reliable pH Control System. It's easy to save big on high-performance, durable CircuPool swimming pool equipment systems.

CircuPool offers industry-leading performance, lifespan, and value. Choose the best CircuPool salt chlorinator to meet your needs:

  • Salt Chlorinators Salt Chlorinators
    Salt Chlorination is the standard in swimming pool sanitation. Put a stop to buying chlorine and the headaches of chemical maintenance.
  • Ozone Generators Ozone Generators
    Upgrade your salt pool with the most powerful sanitation - ozone - for the broadest spectrum of protection & to extend the life of your salt system.
  • pH Control pH Control
    Automatically manage your pool's pH and eliminate dangerous acid. Effortlessly keep your pool safe, pure, & naturally balanced.
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