Party Pool Pool Colorings

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Your pool could instantly become "Blue Lagoon" or "Rockin' Red" or even "Emerald Green" in less than 10 minutes! There are several pool companies that sell pool color additives, but of all of them, we suggest Party Pool. Party Pool has been selling since 1985 and is the best solution to any party color crisis!

Great for Weekends at Home, Open Houses, Homes for Sale, 4th of July, Special Events, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Birthdays, Pool Parties, Entertaining, Weddings, Friends, Company, Family Visits, Anniversaries, Holidays, Cookouts, BBQ's or any other event in your pool or at your house!

Party Pool is a color additive, water enhancer and clarifier for water features, pools and ponds. It beautifies pools and is used by 1000's of people and business owners World Wide!

Get your "Hollywood Look" you have always wanted with "Blue Lagoon". Or shake up St. Patrick's Day with "Emerald Green". And with "Rockin' Red" you can add the scare to any Halloween party!

We suggest you buy a color additive that is trustworthy and efficient. Party Pool adds sparkling, festive color to your pool. Mixed with pool water, it is non-toxic, non-corrosive and will not stain your pool. It is compatible with salt water pools, most pool chemicals and will not affect chemical balances.

How to add color to your pool:

Filtration and cleaning systems should be in operation. Pour appropriate measure of concentrate into a bucket containing approximately two gallons of water. Stir thoroughly and distribute around the perimeter of the pool near return jets. The beautiful color should become uniform in 6-10 minutes and SWIMMING MAY BEGIN! To prolong effect, run filter as little as possible. Avoid splashing concentrate on clothing or deck. Rinse spills off at once.

PARTY POOL is an easy and inexpensive way to add sparkling color to your pool, any time, in minutes and it last for days! It is always a hit and clears up water instantly. In your pool, or in your pond, makes any occasion special.

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