Freeing your Pool from Harsh Chemicals

Use a chlorine generator to get rid of Harsh Pool Chemicals

Chemicals that dry and bleach hair, redden and burn eyes, dry skin and smell are obviously not natural and are toxic. Health problems caused from a chlorine pool are another great reason to get your pool chemical free.

A salt system is a proven way to create a healthy pool for your family. A salt system, also know as a chlorine generator, creates pure chlorine, by electrolysis, to sanitize your pool. It uses the salt molecules in your water to do this. A small electric charge is applied across a set of titanium plates inside the Electrolytic Cell which produces Sodium Hypochlorite.

In water, Sodium Hypochlorite dissociates into sodium and hypochlorite ions. It is the hypochlorite ions that form with the hydrogen ions from the water to form hypochlorous acid which is the active agent that destroys bacteria and algae and oxidizes organic matter. This form of chlorine works quickly in the pipe, leaving only a mild residual in the pool. Furthermore, the Electrolytic Cell continuously "shocks" the incoming water: burning off any oils, or organic matter.

With over two dozen brands of chlorine generators on the market, it is a good idea to shop around. One website that compares seventeen leading brands is It makes it easy to see all the features and prices. Pay close attention to the "daily output" specs. (It's like the BTU's on an air conditioner.) Some of the most expensive brands are actually quite weak. Also, look at the warranty. The equipment is usually trouble-free but if something goes wrong, a good warranty will cover it.

The CircuPool brand actually compares very well. The daily output is very high so the unit should even handle problem pools and the seven-year warranty says a lot about the quality. Like all the modern systems, it works with a low salinity level; less than most humans can taste! Best of all, the price seems very reasonable. If you are shopping for a salt chlorinator, check it out.

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