Heating a Pool That Uses Salt Chlorine Generation

Tips for economically heating your salt pool.

Swimming Pool Heating

You need to heat your pool to enjoy it year 'round. Who wants to swim in a cold October pool? There are several types of swimming pool heaters including solar, electric, gas, and thermal blankets. All are compatible with saltwater chlorine generator systems.

  • Solar; the systems are fairly inexpensive and reduce green house gases.
  • Electric; long life, trouble free, easy to install, and dependable.
  • Gas; can be very expensive to operate.
  • Solar blankets; traps heat fast and are the least expensive way to heat your pool.

Before jumping in, you need to know however that energy bills will pile up with electric and gas pool heaters. Solar and solar blankets reduce green house gases so you can do your part to curb impact on the environment. Roof-top solar systems are very practical but you will have a large solar collector on the roof of your house. With solar blankets, you don't need to use electricity to capture the sun, just the sun's rays. Solar blankets resemble bubble wrap so it can capture the heat and keep it in the pool. Solar blankets are a cover that floats on the surface of the pool without anchors or ropes. They are great because they can raise the water temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. If you don't want a whole cover, there are other options available to you that still can protect the environment. Solar sun rings and liquid solar pool covers don't warm the pool as much as the solar blankets, but they are still effective and easy to use. For an easy, quick, inexpensive, and planet saving pool heater, consider choosing a solar blanket.

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