Swimming Pool Lights

Outdoor and Underwater Illumination for Salt Pools

Salt Pool Lights

Why swim just during the day? Your salt pool will be a hit, even after the sun goes down when you purchase pool lights.

LED pool lights are most fun as they change to different colors and illuminate your whole pool. Above ground pool lights are great too for your above ground pool. There are also floating pool lights that are a fun, temporary solution to any midnight swim. And since your chlorine generator is automatically and economically sanitizing your pool 24 hours a day, why not take advantage and use it day or night? In-ground pool lights, most common, are great for any pool, of any size!

  1. Above-ground pool lights range from $29.99 to $475.99
  2. Floating Pool lights range from $14.49 to $39.99
  3. LED pool light price range is $120.00 to $1599.99
  4. In-Ground pool lights range from $130.00 to $599.99

Some pool lighting may be single colors, changing colors, party favorites, mixed lighting, preset modes or white. Be sure to check and see if the color(s) the light you purchase is the one you want. Whichever lighting you choose, we hope you enjoy your after-dark swimming.

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