Swimming Pool Toys

Pool toys make every swim fun and exciting. They engage children in games and keep them busy and playing. The pool toys range from hand-launched torpedoes to beach balls. Many families join in the fun, parents and all.These are for those of us that just want to take a dip in the pool, cool off, or relax. Floats are a good way to get a tan, keep an eye on your kids, and rock in your pool. They can also hold you up in times of safety or can act as a life-preserver. Most toys are handy and portable, making it easy to carry to and from your pool. Don't loose your breath by blowing them up without a foot pump or an electric one. These make sure you can enjoy your pool faster than the old-fashion way. With pool floats even your youngest children can play in the pool with your supervision. Parents can make fun games out of the floats by pulling kids on the raft or for older children; you can let them try to knock you off!

Most floats are made of vinyl and tend to be quite durable. These are safe to use and last a while if kept in good condition. Though they are strong, many can collapse by small holes or leaks. Keep in mind that to ensure a long-life of your floats; jumping and/or tackling may cause damage unknown at the time. Pets (dogs, cats) can tear or bite your floats, to prevent this from happening, put them in a safe place during the day until you use them. Some pool toys come with a patch kit if you happen to get a hole in it. These may cost more but help in the long run.

Some toys are made for specific age groups.

Pool Toys for Adults:

  • Pool chairs
  • Floating lounge chairs
  • Mattresses
  • Rafts (Some may come with covers, cup holders, arm rests or other additions)

Pool Toys for Children (ages 6 to 13) - Many of these are designed for fun and for safety.

  • River tubes
  • Snow tubes
  • Air mattresses
  • Inner tubes
  • Pull-floats
  • Inflatable Boats
  • Bumper-Boats
  • Squirt-Boats
  • Water-totters
  • Water-Islands
  • Beach Toys

Pool Toys for Young Children (Ages 6 months to 6)

    Baby Floats
  • Floaters
  • Pull-Floats
  • Learning to swim kick-boards

Use precautions and read hazards on pool toys for your children. Some products may be harmful or not 100% baby safe. Some toys have small attachments or assembly parts; please remember to supervise your kids as these could lead to choking. Floats are NOT a life-preserver but they can be used as a floatation device. If a child or adult cannot swim use a life-jacket instead.

Life jackets should be near the pool when you are swimming in case of an emergency. They come in many sized and shapes so make sure you have the right sizes for everyone in your family because if there is a problem you want to make sure they don't slip through or can't fit. Enjoy your pool toys, and remember to keep safe.

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