Protect Your Salt Pool and Chlorine Generator With A Pool Cover

Protect Your Salt Pool and Chlorine Generator With A Pool Cover

Most pool covers are used to shield a pool when swimming season is over. They catch leaves, bugs, twigs or anything else that would usually enter your pool. Pool covers come in hundreds of colors, sizes and shapes. Some may be tied, electric, automatic, hydraulic, or even Velcro. It depends on which type of pool you own, where you live, the conditions during winter season, and your budget.

If you want an automatic pool cover, there is another thing to consider. Automatic pool covers come in two types, above track, or below track. If your pool is already built, you should get an above track to put on your concrete deck unless you are considering replacing that decking. The below track is built below the deck, you see less of the cover and more of your deck.

Unfortunately, pool covers are known to have some problems. Water may accumulate and sink your cover (you need to purchase a water pump to keep this from happening) and as the leaves and pine needles fall onto the cover, it creates a wet mess than requires attention. You may need to use a leaf blower to diminish the problem. Tearing is a known issue with pool covers, hard and expensive to repair; this is just another reason to skip your purchase on a pool cover. Not only is it a pain, before each swimming season, you need to clean the tarp/cover to pull it in. Because of the leaves and weight on it, the tiny holes that supposedly let the water go into the pool, is stopped because of the clogged holes. So, now you are left with a ton of leaves, water and muck to clean for a day. If you ever encounter this problem, we suggest you get a bucket and heave out all the muck, water and leaves as you slowly retract your cover.

If you expect a cover to eliminate the hassle, we advise you to NOT purchase one. If you like the security or the aesthetics a cover can provide, just be prepared to clean the surface on a regular basis.

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