Using Swimming Pool Diving Boards

Salt Pool Diving Boardss

Many pools, whether they are salt pools or not, have a diving board on the edge of the deep-end. These can be a lot of fun and create more games and excitement for everyone. Although they are a great accessory, they can only be installed on a pool with a bottom profile professionally designed for diving. The use of any diving board demands some common sense precautions:

  1. One person at a time
  2. Diving boards are strictly for DIVING
  3. Watch when you dive for people in the pool below

Cart-wheels, handstands, flips and backwards dives may result in a serious injury.

Supervise children when the diving board is in use. Do not let them dive on their own.

Make sure they jump out and up to avoid hitting the board or missing the pool.

When many people are in the pool, do not dive when they are unaware of you.

Dive only into a clear opening, preferably in the center of the deep-end

If you are swimming in a pool with a diving board, do not get in the diving zone

To learn more, research the many types of diving boards.

  1. Types of Boards
  2. Standard Swimming Pool Diving Board
  3. Fiberglass Commercial Diving Board
  4. Frontier Diving Board
  5. Spring Diving Board
  6. Duraflex Diving Board
  7. Olympic Diving Board
  8. Springboard
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