Salt Swimming Pool Fountains

Chlorinator safe pool fountains

Add a "Hollywood Look" to your beautiful salt pool or pond. A fountain provides character, sound, and focus to any body of water. You can locate chlorine generator safe fountain equipment at your local pool store, home improvement store, or online. While you sit outside with company, display an open house, or have a cookout, a fountain is the thing to have. Everyone will be amazed by the beautiful pool, and moving water really catches the eye. A pool fountain is a great way to call attention to any pool or pond!

There are plenty of different swimming pool fountains to choose from to complement your backyard, and that are safe to use with your chlorinator. There are spinning fountains, art fountains and even night time fountains complete with colored lights. There are fountains for every budget but whichever fountain you choose, everyone will notice your beautiful display!

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