Swimming Pool Slides

Not just for water parks anymore.

Swimming Pool Slides

Water parks are filled with slides for all ages. Why not install a slide in your back yard? A lot of people now have a slide going to their pool. Many are expensive, but if money is not stopping you, a slide should fit right in! They are fun for the family, great for pool parties, and you never have to leave for a water park ever again! Slide into your pool with a short, tall, long, wide, or narrow pool slide. You can purchase them online, in a store or from a local pool company. They range in many sizes and shapes to fit your pool's requirements.

Once you have your slide, you may want to consider guidelines for its use. Here are some suggested rules to list by your slide;

  • One person at a time
  • No pool toys with you as you slide
  • Clear the pool area where sliders land
  • No running to slide
  • No pushing down someone as they slide
  • No animals in slide
  • Go down feet first

When you purchase your slide, rules may come with it to prevent injury. Make sure your kids and their friends understand these rules.

Enjoy your slide and keep safe!

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