Kids' Favorite Pool Toys

Swimming pool toys

Kids love to spend lots of time playing in swimming pools. It's fun, it's good exercise and it's a great way for the entire family to keep fit. Swimming pools that use salt to generate a sanitizing solution have the added bonus of much lower concentrations of chlorine, so little eyes and young skin won't get irritated even after hours of pool play.

Paddling, diving, splashing and wading all add up to a cool time in the water on a warm day by the pool. But if your kids get a little bored after doing laps, it's time to set up some games and even throw in some floating playthings. Old footballs and soccer balls can be recycled for waterball and imaginary tether-ball. Or, if you prefer, here's a quick list of some of the hottest pool toys on the market now. But remember, no toy company will ever beat a youngster's imagination, so don't be surprised to find an old inner tube being used as a floating fort!

  1. Aqua Rocker Fun Float
  2. Beach Balls
  3. Pool-A-Hoop Obstacle Course
  4. Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Slide
  5. Splash Down Slide
  6. Seahorse Twister
  7. Erupting Volcano Island
  8. Splashback Bump ‘n’ Squirt Tube
  9. Toypedo Pool Toy
  10. Aqua Roller Fun Float
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