Pool Sound Systems

Above water or underwater? How about both!

Pool Sound Systems

Above ground or underwater, these special sound systems allow you to listen to your favorite music, or sports game while you swim in your pool. Installation is easy and quick and there are several pool companies and online stores that can provide sound systems. First, you need to decide whether you want an above ground system, or an underwater sound system.

Above Ground Systems:

  • Allow you to jam out while on your deck, in your pool, or lounging on a hammock
  • Some float
  • Installed out of your pool
  • Good range
  • Everyone in the water, or outback can listen

Underwater Sound Systems:

  • Provides background music to water aerobics, underwater activities, or swimming
  • Compatible with salt water pools
  • Usually made of plastic
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to find
  • Speakers and hook-up all available in one place

For both above and underwater:

  • Few choices
  • More expensive
  • Provides music in and around pool

If you wish for music while any underwater, or above water activities, you should invest in a pool sound system. A pool sound system is enjoyable for the whole family.

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