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Salt Swimming Pool Cleaner

Most pool owners appreciate a good, reliable pool cleaner (AKA pool sweeper).

The best brands will pick up any sediment, pebble, twig, leaf, or pine needle on the bottom of your pool.

If you need to purchase a pool cleaner, almost all pool stores carry them, or if you cannot find one in your area, we recommend a trustworthy website with the cleaner you choose in stock. Some pools are set up for a pressure side cleaner and some use suction. Make certain you get the right type. Assembly is easy, read the directions and follow the quick steps and your pool should be clean in no time.

Several brands are at the top of the business. Leading the pack is Polaris. It has been the #1 automatic pool cleaners in the industry for 40 years. Backed with customers' satisfaction, Polaris offers superior cleaning performance. They have a full line of cleaners specially made to fit any application of pool design, including salt pools and pools equipped with chlorinators (i.e. chlorine generators.

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