Salt Pool Leaks

Tips for finding and fixing leaks in your pool.

Tips for finding and fixing leaks in your pool.

It's not always easy to know if your salt pool has a leak. You may notice that you are adding water all the time, running the chlorine generator more or perhaps you have a wet spot near the pool that never dries out. If you suspect a leak, the first step is to disconnect your auto-fill (if you have one.)

In summertime, it is hard to tell if evaporation is the cause of water loss. The best way to tell is with the "bucket test." Put a bucket on the step of your pool and fill it to match the level of the surrounding water. If your pool level goes down faster than the water in the bucket, you have a pool leak.

  • If you own a Fiberglass pool you can look for cracks in your pool wall
  • With a Plaster Pool look for brown or black stains that indicate cracks
  • For vinyl pools, inspect the liner and the steps
  • For all pools, check the lights, skimmers, and plumbing

Leaks in your pool need immediate care and need to be fixed once the source is located. If you cannot find the source of the leak, it is time to call in a professional leak detection service. They have some high tech equipment that will quickly (and expensively) identify the problem. Plumbing problems near the surface are usually easy to fix but fractures in the pool wall can be a serious problem. Another common source of leaks is worn out plaster. Ask the pros and get a few bids.

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