Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Waterfalls for salt pools and chlorine generators

Pool waterfalls make a great addition to any pool, including salt pools. They are also seen in ponds or hot tubs. Some can be expensive, but they impress and add constant water movement. Waterfalls can come with lighting features such as for night. Some are a full sheet of continual falling water, or there is a rain kind with not so much force and more of a rainforest effect. Certain companies provide an arched waterfall, a curtain waterfall, or a sheer descent waterfall. Pools that use chlorine generators for water sanitation are the perfect candidates for waterfalls. If you have a hot tub connected to your pool, a waterfall is a great tie between the two as a raised spa can pour a constant flow of water into the pool below, creating a cascading effect.

You can place more than one waterfall going into your pool for more movement and attention. For commercial pools, often there is a rock like structure the waterfall will start at; this too can be added to your pool. Sometimes this is coupled with a rock grotto that you can actually swim into for a little privacy.

For a more beautiful, eye-catching, moving, effective, and creative way to express your pool, a waterfall is the thing to get.

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